We aim for joint leisure activities of craft or inspiration surrounded by the exibited works of Marc Chagall. 

Handicraft especially works as a starting point for reciprocal helpfulness. 

Our activities are made-to-measure for the goal of  your organization or area and may initiate  interrelations.


Optional workshops:

  -  How to draw and add colour like Chagall did;

  -  Stained glass techniques and leaded glass;

  -  What determines Chagall's choice of subject matter?

  -  What is the secret of Chagall's approach to a subject?

  -  Musical workshops using historical instruments.


At this proposition, a Chagall exposition may prove an excellent tool.  

We can compose an exhibition with original litho's and first prints of Chagall with the following themes:

   1.  The twelve Hadassah windows in all stadia of design

   2.  The designs for and themes of the ceiling at Operá Garnier  

   3.   The biblical stories from Chagall's two bible editions (1956/1960)

                              .  Paradise / Creation

                              .  Angels

                              .  Moses

                              . Women in the bible


For consultation on exhibitions and workshops and associated costs and benefits, please contact:


Pieter van der Woel


Phone: +31 (0)6 44 630 333

Chagall Gallery Wuyt

Erik de Wolf BSc - Gallery-owner   

Spiegelgracht 32

1017 JS Amsterdam

+31(0)642 694 446   



Chagall Research Centre 

Pieter Zuidema M.A. - CRC - Director   


Declaration of Authenticity for € 150,-


Chagall Events

Pieter van der Woel - Organizer

for exhibition, lectures and workshops