Wuyt Collection

On this page you will find part of our WUYT collection from 2015. Especially because the prices have been drastically reduced, the collection is gradually emptying out. Always include the official catalog numbering found below each image. Because we are not an online store, you will not find prices here. But a little explanation about the prices wouldn't hurt. From 1953 onwards, Marc Chagall has been making his lithographs to reach a wider audience. A few hundred color lithographs were published in an edition of 2,000 copies or more. With prices between €150 and €1000. Yet most lithographs appear in modest editions of less than a hundred pieces. And then the prices are significantly higher. Hand-signed and rare lithographs in particular sometimes command exorbitant prices. Finally, we would like to mention that each work sold appears in a Museum passe-partout and with a dated Certificate of Authenticity in the name of the buyer. This Certificate of Authenticity is unique in the world, because it contains all verifiable information that characterizes the authenticity and is sent to the buyer afterwards by post.



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