Wuyt Collection

On this page you will find the graphic works of Chagall that are currently available at Chagall Gallery Wuyt. Each work of art has a number below the image of this work of art (see diagram below). In case of any correspondence, we ask you to mention this number. The works have been categorized as well as possible to the series in which they originally appeared.


From 1953 on, Chagall used the lithographic technique to make his work accessible for more people. About 200 color lithographs were published in an edition of 2000 or more. The prices vary from 150 till 1000 euros. Yet most lithographs appeared in modest series of less than 100 pieces. For rarer lithographs and signed work the price is certainly ten times higher up to 50,000 euros. 


A Certificate of Authenticity is available for all works in the collection.


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