Research Centre

This research institute focuses on the study of the life of Marc Chagall (1887-1985), his graphic work and stained glass windows. The research is made possible by the Wuyt Collection, which consists of a large library, many documents and thousands of original graphics.


You can go to the Research Centre for detailed information about a certain litho, etching, woodcut, heliogravure or pochoir. The Research Centre pays great attention to the authenticity problems with Chagall lithographs, etchings and woodcuts. Most of the forgeries in Chagall's oeuvre relate to works in these graphic techniques.


The Authenticity Certificates of the Research Centre (written in English) are world renowned and second to none. The thousands of certificates issued are one of the  pillars of our company. 


In the last twenty years the Research Centre was responsable for four hundred performances. 


Authentication Investigations

Detailed information about a litho, etching or woodcut. If you want to know more about a particular lithograph, etching or woodcut from Chagall, you can request it from us by email or in writing. Usually this is information that is not accessible along normal roads. For such specific questions we charge € 100. You will receive the result of our investigation by email or by post.


Certificates of Authenticity

We specialize in providing Certificates of Authenticity. A statement of authenticity assures both the buyer and the artist (in our case Marc Chagall and sometimes Charles Sorlier) of the authenticity of a work of art. Chagall was always deeply involved in the publishing of his graphic work, he was involved in printing, book production, circulation and, where appropriate, numbering and signing. Together with the year of issue and the title of the work, this information forms the basis of our Certificate of Authenticity. Click here if you want to know more about the Certificate of Authenticity.


The heart of the Research Centre lies in the study of Chagall's life and his graphic work. In thirty years this has led to five hundred readings, lectures, introductions and workshops throughout the Netherlands and occasionally outside these borders. Fifty publications appeared in Dutch. We intend to regularly (the framework of) place such a publication on the website under the title: PAPER OF THE MONTH. Click here for the list of papers.

Published books

Below you will find two antiquarian books, followed by four books that appeared at the Research Center. The last work has not appeared on the market. For more information about these books please turn to 


1956   Joop Beljon:         DE KLOKKEN VAN CHAGALL  

2002  Marc Chagall:      MIJN LEVEN  

2010   Marc Chagall:     GEDICHTEN   

2011  Pieter Zuidema:   HET HADASSAH-RAAM  ‘RUBEN’

2017   Pieter Zuidema:  DE KLOKKEN NA ZESTIG JAREN 

2017   Pieter Zuidema:  DE KLOKKEN NA ZESTIG JAREN luxe editie 

2019  Pieter Zuidema:  THE MISSING LINK (not available).  


Prices Research


Detailed information litho, etching or woodcut

Research + written report € 150

Delivery Certificate of Authenticity + € 50


Information numbering and signature

Research + written report € 100

Delivery Certificate of Authenticity + € 50


Information about the status of a work

Research + written report € 150

Delivery Certificate of Authenticity + € 50

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Chagall Research Centre 

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Declaration of Authenticity for € 150,-


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