This website informs you about the ways in which you can make use of our knowledge about Marc Chagall and his work. We also lend out and sell original graphic art by Chagall.



At the end of the twentieth century, the Wuyt Collection culminated in Gallery Wuyt. We keep smaller works of art in the drawers of our gallery on the Spiegelgracht, while large-format works are at our studio in Lange Leidsedwarsstraat. The gallery has a new owner and will be opening soon.  

Sharing knowledge

Chagall Research Center Wuyt is specialized in gathering information about Chagall’s life, his graphic art and his stained-glass windows. We conduct our research in our studio on Lange Leidsedwarsstraat, chiefly using our Wuyt‐Collection which consists of books, documents and graphic art.
The ways in which you can make use of our expertise include:

1. Getting detailed information about a specific lithograph, etching or woodcut
2. Clearing up doubts about the signature or numbering of a work of art
3. Determining the state of conservation on a work of art
4. Hiring us for a lecture or a course at yours or at our studio.
5. A Chagall day in Amsterdam

Certificate of authenticity


A declaration of authenticity has to assure both buyer and the artist (who in our case is Marc Chagall and in some instances Charles Sorlier) of the authenticity of a work of art. Chagall was involved intimately with the issuing of his graphic art, concerning himself with the printing, the publishing, book production, the print run and, where applicable, numbering and signing. Along with the year of issuing and the title of the work, these data form the basis of our Certificate of Authenticity. 


These galeries in the Netherlands are able to provide our certificates of authenticity with there graphic works of Chagall:

Amsterdam        Galerie Wuyt

Amsterdam        Galerie Amsterdam

Grijpskerke         Galerie de Osseberg

Veenklooster     Galerie De Kuiperij

Chagall Galerie Wuyt

Spiegelgracht 32 (bg)  

1017 JS Amsterdam

+31(0 )642 694 446


Chagall Research Centre Wuyt

Lange Leidsedw.str. 143 (bg)

1017 NK  Amsterdam

+31 (0)20 73 72 739