This site provides information about Chagall, the sale of his graphic work, Certificates of Authenticity, works on loan and sharing other forms of knowledge on Chagall and his art.



Chagall Gallery Wuyt

From the Wuyt Collection, the gallery was set up at the end of the last century. A large part of our offer can be found on the page Wuyt Collection

De Stichting ZINGEVENDE AMBACHTEN (Foundation for Meaningful Crafts)

Forty years ago, a "Knowledge Sharing" department was set up within the WUYT Collection with the aim of making people experience something of Chagall's art through exhibitions and lectures in the country, through workshops and Chagall tours. De Stichting ZINGEVENDE AMBACHTEN continues this work and in this way brings Chagall closer to the people.

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Chagall Research Centre

Our Research Centre focuses on acquiring knowledge of Marc Chagall's life, his graphic work and his stained glass windows. The research center provides various services, including conducting authenticity checks and issuing authenticity statements drawn up in English. For our complete range, see the Research Center page.


The heart of the Research Center lies in the study of Chagall's life and his graphic works. In thirty years this has led to nearly five hundred papers of lectures, introductions and workshops throughout the Netherlands and occasionally outside of these borders. Fifty times a Dutch publication appeared, which can be found here by year. For further information you can contact We intend to regularly place (the framework of) such a publication on the website. Click ‘here’ for the latest Dutch paper of the month.

Chagall Gallery Wuyt

Erik de Wolf BSc - Gallery-owner   

Spiegelgracht 32

1017 JS Amsterdam

+31(0)642 694 446


Chagall Sharing Knowledge

     P. van der Woel M.A. - Chairman 

Stichting Zingevende Ambachten 

     +31 6 44 63 03 33



Chagall Research Centre 

Pieter Zuidema M.A. - CRC - director   

Lange Leidsedwarsstraat 143 (bg) 

1017 NK  Amsterdam

+31 (0)20 73 72 739  

+31 (0)624 105 863