This site provides information about Chagall, the sale of his graphic work, certificates of authenticity, works on loan and sharing other forms of knowledge on Chagall and his chart.



Chagall Gallery Wuyt

From the Wuyt Collection, the gallery was set up at the end of the last century. A large part of our works can be found on the page Wuyt Collection. A view hundred works can be found in the drawers of Chagall Gallery Wuyt at Spiegelgracht 32. The larger-sized works found their place in the Research Centre at the Lange Leidsedwarsstraat.

Chagall Research Centre

Our Research Centre focuses on the acquisition of knowledge of Chagall's life, his graphic work and his stained glass windows. The research is mainly made possible by the Collection Wuyt, which consists of books, documents and graphics. We provide various services including lending work, carrying out authenticity tests and providing certificates of authenticity.

Chagall Galerie Wuyt

Erik de Wolf * Gallery-owner

Spiegelgracht 32

1017 JS Amsterdam

+31(0 )642 694 446


Chagall Research Centre Wuyt

drs Pieter Zuidema M.A.-director 

Lange Leidsedw.str. 143 (bg)

1017 NK  Amsterdam

+31 (0)20 73 72 739  

+31 (0)624105863