Chagall Gallery Wuyt

The Marc Chagall House is a stone's throw from the RIJKS Museum with the small Marc Chagall houseboat opposite. At the end of the last century, the base of the House was converted into a graphics gallery. In thirty drawers measuring 100cm by 70cm, hundreds of Chagall's lithographs, etchings and woodcuts are well protected in Museum passepartout and sealed with transparent plastic within easy reach. You find these works on our webpage with the official catalogue-number.

You can visit the gallery after an email contact or a telephone appointment with the gallery owner Erik de Wolf. He has been fascinated by the graphic arts of the twentieth century from an early age. And you will notice this in his great expertise and the pleasure he shows in helping you choose from the hundreds of works by Marc Chagall. You can immediately take the purchased work with you (placed in the Museum pass-partout and well packaged). It can also be sent to you, except in some countries where safety is not guaranteed.


Each graphic work by Marc Chagall is accompanied by a registered Certificate of Authenticity based on the date of purchase and the name of the buyer, which provides the most detailed information about the work of art. This unique Certificate of Authenticity will be sent to you by post within one week.

Chagall Gallery Wuyt

Erik de Wolf BSc - Gallery-owner   

Spiegelgracht 32

1017 JS Amsterdam

+31(0)642 694 446


Chagall Research Centre 

Pieter Zuidema M.A. - CRC - Director

Declaration of Authenticity for € 150,-


Chagall Events

Pieter van der Woel - Organizer

for exhibition, lectures and workshops