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The Chagall House is located very near the Rijksmuseum. A  small "Marc Chagall houseboat" is in front of the house. At the end of the last century, the lower part of the house was converted into a graphics gallery. Hundreds of lithographs, etchings and woodcuts by Chagall are within reach in thirty large drawers. The larger graphic works of Chagall can be found in the studio of the Chagall Research Centre.


On the web page 'Wuyt Collection' you will find the images of works from which the gallery can draw.

You can visit the gallery after email contact or telephone appointment with gallery owner Erik de Wolf +31(0)642694446 |



He has been captivated by the graphic arts of the twentieth century from an early age. And that shows you his great expertise, enthusiasm and pleasure with which he helps you - at the agreed time - with your choice from the hundreds of works by Marc Chagall. It is, in principal, possible to leave a purchased work to be shipped to the address of your preference. Due to unreliable post systems or limited insurance possibilities, some countries are excluded.


Each work is given a Certificate of Authenticity from the Chagall Research Centre, which is handed out in name and date and provides detailed information about the artwork. This Research Centre delivers most Authenticity Certificates of works by Marc Chagall worldwide. The Certificate will be sent to you by post.


We offer our customers a monthly special: a graphic art work of Chagall for a reduced price. Our stock varies, so our policy is “First come, first served”.  Each offer is including a registered Certificate on name and date.

This month we offer lithograph M. 946, “The green acrobat” of Marc Chagall from DLM 235 PC.110  (1979)


Each work in Museum-passe-partout and completed with a 

registered Certificate on your name and date.


To be collected for € 100 in Amsterdam. Postage costs depend on the delivery address.

M.946 from DLM 235 PC.110 (1979)
M.946 from DLM 235 PC.110 (1979)

Chagall Galerie Wuyt

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Chagall Research Centre Wuyt

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