Chagall Gallery Wuyt

The Chagall-home can be found on the Spiegelgracht near the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. The gallery entrance is below the house and here you can find a large amount of original graphic work of Chagall.    

On the page 'Graphic Work' you will find more then 350 images of lithographs, etchings and woodcuttings. These are part of theChagall collection you can buy in the gallery. Gallery owner is sir Erik de Wolf, who has been dedicated to graphic art all of his life. He is especially interested in etchings and lithographs from the 20th century. 
Each work will be dellivered with a certificate of authenticity. The Chagall Research Centre provides these certificates. This Research Centre dellivers the most certificates of Chagalls graphic work on a worldwide base. The certificates of authenticity are valuable documents because of the detailed information they provide.

Chagall Galerie Wuyt

Erik de Wolf, gallery-owner

Spiegelgracht 32-sou

1017 JS Amsterdam 

+31(0 )642 694 446


KVK      6896 2312


IBAN    NL90 INGB 0007 8594 60
t.n.v. EAS (Erik’s Advisory Service)

Chagall Galerie Wuyt

Spiegelgracht 32 (bg)  

1017 JS Amsterdam

+31 (0)20 62 43 892


Chagall Research Centre Wuyt

Lange Leidsedw.str. 143 (bg)

1017 NK  Amsterdam

+31 (0)20 73 72 739